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South Pennine Shooting School gives you the opportunity to learn shotgun skills in a safe and relaxed environment, offering a chance to enjoy a rewarding and memorable experience – after all what better marketing is there than the recommendation of satisfied customers?

Jason Rowntree MICSI - South Pennine Shooting School’s Instructor and Coach is available to improve your shooting abilities. He favours a straightforward “step by step” approach; breaking the art of shotgun shooting down into easy manageable “bite size chunks”, focusing on each element in turn.

This gradually acquisition of skill, knowledge and understanding encourages a natural and fluid progression, whilst allowing any weaker aspects (that may need a little extra attention) to be highlighted.

Professional shotgun instruction is not just reserved for competition shooters who want to advance up the rankings. Here we tailor shooting lessons for shooters of all capabilities and disciplines:

  • novice or established shots
  • clay or game shooters

Getting the fundamentals right is vital for good shooting and not just for the beginner; working through the basics with the more experienced shooters can often reveal much!

A typical introductory lesson would cover:

  • Safety
  • The rudiments of a shotgun and its operation
  • Gun handling
  • Eye Dominance
  • Gun-fit and mount
  • Stance, balance, posture
  • Methodology and technique

The interrelationship between these components is crucial to successful shooting.

We will patiently guide you every step of the way and in no time at all you’ll be shooting targets left, right and centre!

Personal safety equipment is available (and must be worn on range at all times), a suitable shotgun and cartridges will also be provided if required.